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no_fleas_ticksMaryland pet owners know that protecting your animals from fleas and ticks is one of the basics for responsible pet care.  With so many different brands of conventional flea and tick control products, some may not realize that most contain toxic chemicals that can poison pets and harm people.  We asked Clipper’s Canine Cafe if they would share their insight about some of these harmful chemicals, as well as offer some alternative  pest control options that are safe for both pets and their people:

Toxic chemicals in conventional flea and tick control products

It seems like every year more and more chemical flea and tick treatments arrive on the market promising to rid your pet of these nasty parasites.  It makes me cringe to read the packages with their long list of side effects and warnings.  In creating more powerful chemical remedies, it appears that we’ve done nothing but destroy our pet’s immune systems and create stronger fleas and ticks that are resistant to these chemical onslaughts.  Did you know the potent insecticide Fipronil, which is used in topical flea and tick producs such as Frontline, is shown to inhibit testosterone metabolism, cause thyroid tumors and is classified as a possible human carcinogen by the EPA?  It’s been banned in 5 European countries including the U.K., France, and Germany.  In one year alone Frontline caused 39 deaths in dogs and 32 cats.  It’s appalling that these products are still sold in the United States, and most pet owners are completely unaware of how dangerous these flea and tick products are for their pets and their families.

Have you ever noticed flea and tick infestations seem to bother the older or weaker pets more than the healthy dogs and cats?  These parasites seek hosts with weak immune systems.  Therefore, controlling your flea and tick problem safely and naturally really requires owners to take a look at their pets overall health.  Building up your pet’s immune system with a healthy diet is the first start.  Finding a quality natural food isn’t hard.  Simply turn the bag over and take a look at the ingredients!  The Whole Dog Journal does a fantastic article every year explaining ingredients in foods and lists the important things to look for when choosing a food for your dog or cat.  In fact, every single food sold at Clipper’s Canine Face has been recommended by the WDJ.

Natural Solutions for flea and tick prevention

The next step in the war against fleas and ticks is adding safe, healthy supplements to your  pet’s diet that deter these pests naturally.   We use a product called Earth Animal Flea_powderInternal Powder for our own pets.  This product contains high-grade, unprocessed Brewer’s Yeast (which supports and improves the immune system as it wards off parasites), Garlic (used for thousands of years to repel parasites), and B Vitamins and Minerals.  The combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, helps to change the odor of the animal’s blood chemistry so that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies do not like the scent or taste of the blood.  The odor is undetectable by humans and loathed by bugs.  Diatomaceous Earth is another great product to help with flea and tick prevention.  Diatomaceous Earth consists of the dried skeletons of microscopic sea creatures called diatoms.  It works by mechanically destroying parasites located in the intestinal tract.  The diatoms act like glass, cutting the exoskeleton of the parasite and exposing and drying their inner organs.  Diatomaceous Earth  can add to your pets food or sprinkle it on the pet’s bedding.  It will destroy fleas, ants, and other pests and is safe for both dogs and cats!


Alzoo_SprayLastly, we use all natural topical products that contain essential oils to deter fleas and ticks naturally without using harmful chemicals.  One of our favorite sprays is Earth Animal Bug Off.  Bug Off is a truly organic, non-toxic insect repellent spray.  It can be used in combination with Earth Animal Internal Powder and Diatomaceous Earth and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, horseflies, gnats, and sand fleas.  It’s great for humans too, because this alternative to chemical based sprays is safe for you and the environment.  Another popular product line is the Alzoo Repellent System.  The Spot-on repels biting insects like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and sand flies for 3 months using geranium oil, peppermint oil and almond oil instead of toxic chemical pesticides.  The Repellent Collar provides protection for up to 4 months using geranium oil, citronella oil and cinnamon oil and can be used with the Spot-On in high exposure areas.  The Repellent Spray is perfect for intermittent use and can be sprayed around the pet’s bedding, and will lasts for up to 5 days.  We also have Repellent Powder which is made especially for cats since they typically are adverse to sprays and shampoos.  It provides long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks, using geranium oil and peppermint oil.  It can be sprinkled on the pet’s bedding and carpets as well.


All of these products mentioned can be purchased at Clipper’s Canine Cafe, and can be used together to provide maximum protection.  We know they will provide your pet with a safer, all-natural alternative to the toxic chemicals that are so readily available today.  If you need help deciding on the right flea and tick treatment for your pet, stop by our store, or give us a call at (301) 490-9068!




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