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Roxy's Art

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My goal is to inspire spiritual awareness through visual imagery. I do this through a constant search for and documentation of those brief glimpses of the world that cause us to stop and exclaim, “Oh!”, at the beauty and joy that momentarily catches us, briefly holding us from our daily routine.

Drawing is something that I have done my entire life. I became an architect for my love of drawing and design and I continue to study, practice and teach drawing and painting in my studio at Historic Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland.

Biographical Information:

Roxana Sinex was born in Painstville, Kentucky and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She has been avidly drawing since she learned to hold a crayon and took her first oil painting class when she was ten. Always interested in realism but living in an age of abstract expressionism, Roxana opted to study architecture where she could design and draw realistically. She graduated from the University of Arizona with Distinction in 1974 and, after marriage and children, she started the architectural firm, “Sinex Design Architects” in 1983 specializing in residential remodeling and custom homes.

In 1996, Roxana returned to her study of art, taking classes and workshops in acrylics, oil painting and pastels. In 2006 she started teaching art and in 2008 opened a small art gallery in the front of her architectural office. Rapidly outgrowing her small home studio, in 2010 Roxana expanded to her current space at Historic Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland.

Roxana divides her time between painting, architecture, teaching art and helping out at “The Family Game Store”, also at Historic Savage Mill which is owned and operated by her husband, Steve and her grown children, Robin, Stewart and William.

Roxana focuses her work on seeking to express the inner spirit in what she loves the most, people and nature. Roxana is an avid hiker and finds spiritual revitalization in the wilderness and in spending time with her family and friends. She is an active member of the Baha’i Faith and has a great desire to help others to find spiritual awareness and happiness. She expresses these feelings in her portraits which she calls “expressions of love”, in her landscapes and enlarged landscape details.