Savage Mill

A former cotton mill that has been lovingly restored, Savage Mill today is a unique shopping, activity, and dining destination.

Savage Mill’s rich history started in the early 1800s during the Industrial Revolution. After close to 125 years of spinning cotton into heavy-duty cloth, the Mill closed and was briefly reinvented as a Christmas ornament factory. Following that failed venture, it was purchased by the Winer family, who successfully applied for the Mill to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and have overseen extensive restoration and repair efforts for the past five decades. More on this rich history can be read here.

Today Savage Mill is home to a lively, creative array of over 70 businesses and dining establishments. The 2020 pandemic afforded management the opportunity to step back, regroup, and rebrand the Mill to better meet the interests and needs of today’s customers. Renovations throughout the campus embrace its industrial heritage and infuse it with a modern vibe, enhancing the visitor experience through new signage and public space upgrades. In addition to a number of tried-and-true businesses that have called the Mill home for years, Savage Mill functions as an incubator for a new crop of young innovators, many of whom are opening their first brick-and-mortar storefronts. Savage Mill must be doing something right – after all, it boasts seventeen 2023 Best of Howard County winner/honorable mention recipients!

Collaboration with the local community is a linchpin to Savage Mill’s success. The Mill works closely with Visit Howard County and, through a partnership agreement with Bollman Bridge Elementary School, supports neighborhood children with academics and extracurricular opportunities. It also works hand-in-hand with the surrounding Savage community on activities and initiatives that preserve and foster a close-knit environment.

Stop by for a visit and discover the treasures within these brick walls! Join us in supporting small business and innovation by shopping small and local.