“Magical Moments” Art Show

Magical Moments Art Show runs from Sunday, June 26, through Sunday, July 24. Meet the Artists at the Opening Reception on Sunday, June 26th, from 1-4:00 pm.

Artists Trudy Babchak, Geraldine Butler, April Rimpo, and Nancy Ennis embrace summer’s warmth and slower pace in their show, Magical Moments. The showcased art spans many mediums, including oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor paintings, and handcrafted and designed jewelry pieces.

Trudy Babchak, an impressionistic painter in many mediums, is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. Her paintings are about survival, but beyond that, transformation.  She wants the viewer to see beyond the use of color and imagery to create his or her own stories.

Geraldine Butler‘s paintings bridge the gap between abstract and representational painting, challenging established ideas of what paintings are classified as. In doing so, she diversifies the type of art her viewers can relate to.

April Rimpo works in watercolor and fluid acrylics, allowing her to be more interpretive than in her earlier oil and pencil work.  She believes it is the fact that watercolor and fluid acrylic flow in unpredictable ways that inspire her.  These media absorb her into the work, allowing the piece to develop in directions not fully planned, but with more passion.

Nancy Ennis uses many techniques in her jewelry design and creation, including bead-weaving, wire-wrapping, wire-weaving, and metal-smithing – all of which enable her to create chainmaille, bead-weaving, and hand-forged metal jewelry. You are as likely to see her working with a needle and thread as you are to find her with a hammer and torch.


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