“Self-Empowerment” Collage Workshop with Dee Gray

Instructor: Dee Gray
When: Saturday, July 17th
Time: 10:30am-4:30pm
Class Fee: $110
This workshop is based on the premise that our thoughts and beliefs create the conditions of our life. To bring about changes in those beliefs and any subsequent changes in our life requires that we first become aware of, and then have an understanding of, the actions needed to bring about changes associated to those beliefs.
Most beliefs are learned behavior and they most often reside in the subconscious. We are usually made aware of them when they manifest in our life through experience, both good and bad. Although it can be enlightening or discouraging, it need not ever be in vain. Tapping into that self awareness, provoking new avenues of thought through visual association and creative expression can be an incredibly effective way to provoke change. We hope this Self-Empowerment collage workshop becomes an avenue for you to consciously create more of what you desire in your life.
WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: To achieve greater awareness of ones’ core beliefs while opening a creative door and crafting new beliefs in support of those currently held and by adding or modifying that belief structure in a more positive way.
You will tap into your highest potential for creativity and positive change in your life as you experience the power of a healing art that you can reflect on each time you see what you have created.
The workshop will include the opportunity to write your thoughts/beliefs into this artistic craft as each artist paints, stencils, detail cuts, collages and embellishes their work during this eye opening creative journey.
We Will Provide:
-One 12×24” Cradled Gesso Board and Hanging Hardware
-12” Sun Burst Stencil
-Collage Imagery and Words (exclusive to The Queen’s Ink)
-Paints & Varnish
-Cutting Mat
-Stencils will be available and we encourage each student to bring their own as well.
You Bring:
-Matte Medium (We like Golden brand)
-Detail Scissors and and XActo blade with a pack of five #11 blades
-Pencil and Kneaded Eraser
-Variety of Paint Brushes (Flat and Detail)
-Stencil Brushes
-Painters Tape
-Roll of Paper Towels
NOTERegister before June 20th and Dee will create a CUSTOM WORD BANNER (See sample photo below) for your collage. Please add your desired word(s) –up to 13 characters including spaces into the MEMO box when registering online or call us at (301) 497-9449 to process your payment and submit your banner copy.
Don’t forget to bring a lunch.
PLEASE BE COURTEOUS!!! Plan your arrival no later than 10:15am for set-up. The workshop begins promptly at 10:30am. Thank you.


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