You Need This Class Too with Anna White

When Patti saw this class in action, she said we needed to put it on the schedule again and rename it “You Need This Class Too”, and that she was going to take it.

This class will teach you how to translate a photograph into a beautiful graphic style painting. We will be working with just two colors and white to create a monochromatic or a contiguous chromatic painting. I will teach you how to balance color and use value to simplify images. The techniques and knowledge you learn in this class can be carried over into many other applications within your art. Learning how to recognize value and balance are important skills for any art you do.

We will be working on a 9″ x 12″ canvas board. I will have images for you to work from or you can bring your own. You are certainly not limited to animals that was just what I worked from. Fashion, architecture, landscapes, or spaceships …, nothing is out of reach. If you bring your own, I recommend printing it out full size on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ computer paper. Your canvas board and acrylic paints will be provided, but if you have any favorite colors, feel free to bring them.

Students should bring:

Flat paint brush (1″ is a nice size)

Soft graphite pencil

Small flat and round brushes needed for detail and small areas.

Apron (optional)

Note: Using quality brushes can make a big difference in your work. We sell excellent SilverBrush and Princeton brushes at The Queen’s Ink and I will give a 15% discount on any brushes purchased the day of the class.


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