A Look Inside Naked Wax

We had a great time visiting Naked Wax earlier this week! We asked owner, Tara, some questions about opening her own business!


What got you into waxing?

I got into waxing because after working in the beauty industry for some time I realized I could create interpersonal relationships with people which fuels my soul. I honestly continue doing what I do because I love my clients so much.  They have become such a large part of my journey, some have become true friends, others a part of my family. They continue to fill my life with so much joy and I’m grateful everyday to be even a small part of their story. 


What is the biggest misconception about waxing?

That there are HORROR STORIES. Maybe I’m lucky but I have had almost a near perfect history in all of my years waxing. Nothing terrible, weird or disgusting lol


Which is better: waxing or shaving?

I would have to say that it varies person to person. Waxing is great because your hair won’t come back for weeks. Shaving is instant and free, but you don’t get the benefits of slower hair growth, less hair overall with time and consistency, and not to mention NO ITCHING. 


Why did you choose Savage Mill?

I chose savage mill because one of my dearest friends has a shop here as well. When she showed me her beautiful space I knew I wanted to be a part of the Mill. I’ve had such a wonderful experience here. The history of the building alone is awesome, and the aesthetic is just gorgeous throughout. I feel so lucky to have a space in such a unique place. 


What is your favorite part about having your own business? 

The best parts of having my own business are 

  • I make my own schedule. I can take off whenever I want. Work when I want. Or not.
  • I’m my own boss, I don’t have to check in with anyone and if I mess up the only person who gets upset at me is me lol.
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