A Look Inside Ashtanga Yoga

Julie got to visit Ashtanga Yoga for her last Julie Tries video! We wanted to learn more about Erika and her studio so we asked her some questions!

What got you into yoga?

I began my yoga practice in Los Angeles in 2001 after a work colleague suggested that I try yoga to help alleviate the stress and anxiety of a demanding career. I was deeply resistant, but as soon as I took that first class something changed. The collective energy of the room, the self-generated heat, and the continuous flow of breath and movement had an immediate positive impact on both my physical and mental health. I was intrigued and determined to practice and learn more.


What does Ashtanga Yoga offer that no other type of yoga does?

The combination of Mysore-style (one-on-one instruction within a group setting) and Led Classes is just one part of what makes Ashtanga Yoga so unique and special. In Mysore class, students practice deepening their breath and generating their own intense heat which in turn purifies the nervous system, and increases strength, flexibility, and stamina. The Mysore Room is also where students are able to learn how to adapt poses or transitions to suit their individual needs at the time.  In Led Class, students practice the same sequence together as a group. This dual learning process is extraordinarily energizing and uplifting. However, this concept is sometimes difficult to articulate because it is vastly different from all other yoga styles. It is best appreciated by experiencing classes first-hand.


Can anyone try Ashtanga Yoga?

Yes!  Ashtanga is for everyone willing to show up and practice.  We are fond of saying, “Where there is a will to practice, we can help you with ways to practice.”  This is why we love teaching it so much.


Why did you choose Savage Mill?

We were drawn to Savage Mill’s location (at the intersection of several major highways in the region), ample parking, supportive small business environment, on-site management team, and the large number of female-owned businesses.


What is one thing everyone should know before doing Ashtanga Yoga?

You will never regret getting up and practicing, only the ones you miss.

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