Get into the Cicada Spirit

Brood X cicadas are right around the corner! At Savage Mill, we are going to be embracing them to the fullest. We know that most people are not looking forward to this loud invasion, but if we can’t beat them, we might as well join them! Below are 5 ways to get into the cicada spirit at Savage Mill!


1. Queen’s Ink

Express your love of cicadas in style with Queen’s Ink new t-shirts! These beautiful shirts sport large gold cicadas going up the black shirt. Each shirt is made by hand right in the Queen’s Ink shop! All shirts are pre shrub and 100% cotton. Stay cool while showing off how you embrace cicada season.


2. Sweet Cascades

Have a sweet tooth? Sweet Cascades is making their own milk and dark chocolate cicadas. Don’t worry, they aren’t chocolate covered cicadas! Sink your teeth into their smooth chocolate center and wish the cicadas would never leave so you can keep eating these delicious treats. Don’t let the red eyes scare you! They are just decoration.


3. Terrapin Adventures

Be one with the cicadas and go on terrapin’s rope course! While you may be in the thick of it, you’ll definitely be able to see them up close and personal. Just think of it as another obstacle to tackle while you are high up in the air!


4. Raven and Rose Studios

Want this experience to last a lifetime? Visit Raven and Rose Studios and get a tattoo of them! Hannah specializes in fine line work and she loves to do little creatures for her clients.


5. Catch them!

If you see one in one of our shops while you are visiting, each shop owner has their own next they use to catch and release them. If you want to join in on the fun, ask them for their net to help catch those little critters.


6. Pose with Them

Our own Xanadu added some cicadas to our moss selfie wall! Now you can love them inside and out. But don’t worry, these won’t crawl all over you.


Whether you love them or hate them, we might as well embrace them! Visit Savage Mill and embrace this weird cicada season!

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