Is That a Grimace Tree?

Here at Savage Mill, there are quirks and intriguing discoveries around every corner. This isn’t surprising considering that the original buildings in the complex are over 200 years old! But even some of the newer additions are out of the ordinary.

Grimace Tree

Take this waterfall redbud tree, planted a year or so ago alongside Foundry Street. Its weeping branches, currently adorned by redbud blossoms, will soon be covered by heart-shaped leaves. Mill management fondly refers to it as the Grimace tree.

Sliding Doors

The neighboring Cotton Shed building is a unique space as well. Mill workers once utilized the pulley system still visible in the adjacent shaft to transfer cotton from railcars into all three levels of the building. The massive sliding doors and openings have recently been refurbished and painted to match the industrial color scheme throughout the rest of the Mill. The fresh look pays homage to the building’s former purpose.

Sleep, Creep, then Leap

Adjacent to the “Grimace” tree are planting beds full of lush growth. Savage-based business Indigo & Ivy Farm worked with one of our tenants to plant native perennials here several years ago, and what they say about perennials is true – sleep, creep, then leap. The first and second years the roots were getting established, but this year the plants are bursting forth in all their strong glory. We look forward to seeing the blooms as summer gets underway.

Girls Night Out

And speaking of blooms, Monica with Indigo & Ivy Farm will be at the next Girls Night Out on May 16 with spring pick-your-own flowers to assemble your own bouquet.

Savage Farmers Market

Visitors to Savage on Wednesdays this summer will come across something else alive and vibrant in Savage – the first ever Savage Farmers Market! Opening Wednesday, May 29, the Market runs on Wednesdays 3:30-7:30 (except for June 19) through August 28. Stop by for fresh local produce, eggs, bread, flowers, baked goods, entertainment, food trucks and more.

Quirky and unique are part of our charm, and what keeps life exciting for all of us. Stop by the Mill soon to saunter the hallways or explore the hidden outdoor corners of the Mill and our community.

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