Savage is Greening Up

The past week’s soggy, chilly weather may have kept us indoors, but we’ll have it to thank for the stunning spring colors that are on their way. We’re happy to share a few exciting spring news items with you!

Spring Ephemerals

With the rain receding, we headed out on an overcast, blustery day to look for signs of life along the Savage Mill Trail. The river was flowing strong, the pretty waterfalls evidence of the geologic fault line that provided energy to power businesses like Savage Mill. Focusing our attention alongside the trail, we were rewarded with glimpses of bloodroot, mayapples, and false rue anemone. These and other spring ephemerals take advantage of the available sunlight to bloom before the trees leaf out. They’re a welcome sight peeking out from the brown leaves carpeting the forest floor.

Pretty in Pink

The cherry trees in the Blossoms of Hope groves at the Savage Mill trailhead and lining the Big Lot at the Mill are almost ready to burst forth in bloom. Blossoms of Hope predicts that the 52 pink-blossoming tree groves they’ve planted throughout Howard County will be in peak bloom the second week of April. Their goal is to plant 3,700 Kwanzan cherry, pink dogwood, and redbud trees in Howard County by 2025 (to equate with the number of Sakura cherry trees planted at the Tidal Basin), adding springtime beauty throughout our County. In preparation for their 20th anniversary celebration in 2025, Blossoms of Hope has initiated two art events: Blossoms 2024 Plein Air to Prepare and Blossoms 2025 Countywide Art Show. The plein air commences April 12, and signups are open. Read more here. Savage Mill is partnering on this project, and will be displaying a portion of the 2025 art show.

Feed the Green Bin

We recognize how intertwined our health is with the health of the world around us. Last week Howard County announced the expansion of the Feed the Green Bin food scrap collection program to Savage and Emerson. The 4,200 households will be eligible to request a green compost cart and start recycling food scraps. It’s estimated that about 30% of the trash typically taken to the landfill can be composted and reused as valuable soil amendments, returning nutrition to our soil. Learn more and sign up for your bin here!

Savage Farmers Market

We’ve been working with community partners behind-the-scenes this past year on this exciting endeavor! We look forward to supporting local farmers and producers by providing a venue for shoppers to purchase healthy, tasty produce, meat, baked goods, flowers, and more. Mark your calendar now for Wednesdays, 3:30-7:30 pm May 29-August 28. The market will be on Baldwin Common, the small County park across the street from the Mill. Visit the website for more details.

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