Summer Campers Explore and Grow with Terrapin Adventures

Savage Mill has been thrumming with youthful energy this week as Terrapin Adventures leads an adventure-filled spring break camp. Campers and their families appreciate the opportunity to get outside to appreciate nature and forge new relationships.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, we decided to swing by Terrapin Adventures to talk with Camp Director Emily Minter about what is being planned for summer camps this year. Terrapin Adventures offers camps for ages 4-17, and we were curious about what activities they have planned.

Ziplining at Terrapin Adventures

Ziplining at Terrapin Adventures

What is Terrapin Adventures?

Terrapin Adventures is a high adventure, outdoors camp where campers participate in a wide variety of aerial adventure activities like rock climbing, high ropes, zip lining, etc. We also have ground-based adventures like kayaking, river tubing, camping, archery, and more!

Waterplay at Terrapin Adventures

Who leads the summer camp program and what background do they have?

I’ve been directing the camp for 8 years. Our camp counselors are adults with first aid and CPR training, child development training, inclusion training and specialty activity certifications. They all have experience working with children in other settings. We background check and carefully vet all of our staff.

Archery practice at Terrapin Adventures

Archery practice with Terrapin Adventures

What are some new things this year?

We have revamped our Wilderness Expedition program for 2024! It is geared towards older campers looking for five nights away from home at various national and state parks in MD, VA, and WV. Campers will go stargazing in Shenandoah National Park in the “no light zone”, hike along the historic Appalachian Trail, and go spelunking in West Virginia. These are just a few highlights.

Tubing with Terrapin Adventures

Tubing with Terrapin Adventures

What does summer camp offer that is unique?

Terrapin Adventures doesn’t just offer high-quality adventure activities. The staff truly care about your children and are experts at making incredibly memorable experiences. They are highly trained and skilled at making everyone feel included.

What skills do you focus on with the different camps?

Our programs for younger children focus a lot on adventure activities that first-time climbers can enjoy. We also introduce campers to many traditional camp activities because it may be their first time at camp! We also on social skills and empathy-building skills that help them learn and grow. Our programs for older campers focus on adventure activities that are more challenging, but still inclusive to first-timers or campers that are nervous to try activities. They provide a space for teens to be social with their peers and learn more about who they are.

Camp Counselors at Terrapin Adventures

Do you have a story to share about a camper who particularly benefited from the camp?

We had a camper who had just moved to Maryland. They felt very alone in their new home and school. Initially they were very timid, but at camp they became really great friends with someone in their group. Suddenly they had made their first Maryland friend! Those two campers have been coming to camp together for 4 years now! The camper said they knew it would be okay once they made that friend.

What would you say to someone who’s afraid of the outdoors?

Everyone starts somewhere. Our staff all love the outdoors and are there to support you through the things you are afraid of and teach you how to engage with the outdoors in a fun, safe way. They love to help each camper find the thing they they uniquely love in the outdoors.

Nature exploration with Terrapin Adventures

Nature exploration with Terrapin Adventures

Any last words?

We have limited space and recommend signing up early to guarantee that the week you want has availability. Fortunately, our camp also has one of the longest summer seasons – with camps all the way from June 10th through August 23rd.

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