Fairy Elf Door with Patti Euler

Join us at the North Pole for this special holiday themed Fairy Elf Door! Even the fairies enjoy celebrating the holidays and creating one of these special doors is sure to bring in some holiday spirit and be a fun addition to your holiday decorations. We have all kinds of great seasonal items to help make these fairy elf doors festive.

Several years ago, I read an article about the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor Michigan.  Urban Fairy Doors are located throughout downtown Ann Arbor, tiny doors found on the front of select businesses open to reveal “fairy homes.” In our old space we had a fairy door and most of the time it was a small child who would find it.  Some even wrote letters to the fairies.  This workshop will bring a little bit of magic into your life as you build your very own fairy door for your home.  You can place your door inside your home in any room just above the baseboard.  Other places you can place your door include a shelf, a bench or a cupboard.  You can even create it to look like the door on the front of your house.

In this workshop we will build and decorate a fairy door. Each student will be given a premade door that will be painted and decorated. We will use shrink plastic to make tiny flowers and create a wall to go behind our door.   This is a great gift to surprise a small child. All materials will be provided.  If you have something special to personalize your door please feel free to bring it to class.

Legend has it that once your fairy door is attached, the fairies know, and they will visit.


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