January Focus – Living with Abstract Art

We warmly invite you to enjoy our January art focus “Living with Abstract Art.”   The definition of “abstract art” has been long debated and interpreted in numerous ways by art experts. It is not HorseSpirit Arts Gallery’s intention to define abstract art for the world, but to introduce you to art that we consider abstract. By abstract art, HorseSpirit Arts Gallery means artwork that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality, but instead uses shapes, colors, forms, and marks to achieve its effect.In that spirit, we offer you over a hundred pieces of our abstract artwork for your enjoyment. Our hope is that you will find that abstract art can live – happily – with the more traditional art in your home. And we encourage you to explore and decide what abstract art means to you.Our Abstract Focus runs through January 30th (3 weeks), so as art sells, we will add new Artwork to the Gallery. You will continue to find surprises and treasures throughout the month.Come experience our abstract art focus in person at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery at Historic Savage Mill, Savage, MD. You can also call to make a private appointment to enjoy the show by calling the Gallery at 301-490-2001 or emailing, or you can view the show here in our Virtual Gallery. Enjoy the abstract journey!


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