Saturday, July 10th

1:00 – 2:30 pm

$25.00 (Pre-Registration required; existing students may use monthly memberships & class passes; $35 for students who missed and/or need a recap of Part I)

This workshop is a continuation of Part I, where we learned the fundamentals of establishing a daily meditation practice. We addressed some of the primary obstacles and challenges of daily meditation: being comfortable in the physical posture; scheduling time; commitment to a daily practice; and calming the mind. To encourage the development of a self-practice, I emphasized the significance of maintaining a daily routine for at least 40 days that would help ensure that your meditation practice becomes a “healthy habit.”

In Part II, we will discuss and evaluate your experiences over a 40-day period and address the following:

  • What positive changes have been created in your life from your daily meditation practice?

  • Were there any physical benefits?

  • What challenges did you face over the past month in your meditation practice?

  • How to enhance and deepen your meditation practice.

  • What are some additional pranayama techniques and methods you can use for stress reduction, relaxation and focusing the mind?

  • Only students who have taken Part I and/or Part II will be permitted to participate in Part III coming this Fall.


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