Mission: Influence

Mission: Influence Media Relations Course Starting Sept. 1!
This intensive 6-week (yes, it runs through 10/6), 90-minute-a-week course, available in-person or virtually, will teach you how to share your story effectively to gain brand awareness and engagement through thought leadership that builds relations and leads. In addition to Sarah Snell Cooke leading the course, we will feature virtual guests who work in and around the business, from journalists to credit union leaders. We will learn, network and laugh, but this is no joke: You will be schooled. You will have homework that we will review in the next class. You will receive the knowledge you need, but only you can do the work to prove the ROI by following the advice and consultation provided by a number of experts in the business. Cooke Consulting Solutions will provide certification upon completion of the course. Don’t worry if you have to miss a session, the videos will be available for your review after but you’re strongly encouraged to attend live so you have the opportunity to ask your questions live. Final registration date is Aug. 31, 5 pm ET.

And if you’re local, come in-person to the beautiful, Historic Savage Mill, Savage, Md. We’ll host Happy Hours for extra networking!


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