Secret Belgium with Chrissie Hines

Not that it’s a secret…

This is an intermediate class for those comfortable with the long-stitch already. It is however hard to figure out how the book holds together unless you know the secret. Heidi Kyle first got me working on this binding and it is very unusual. I am sure you will want to try this one again.

Students should bring their basic kit and any bookbinding tools you have.

Included in your workshop kit:

All materials needed to complete book as shown.

Decorative paper

Bookmaking materials

Supplies provided and shared in workshop:

Bookmaking supplies

Book cradle (bring your own if you have one)

Crop-o-dile (bring your own if you have one)

Student supplies:

Glue stick and surface to glue on.



X-acto knife with mat

Paper towels


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