‘Snippet Roll’ with Patti Euler

What’s a Snippet Roll and how do we use it? A Snippet Roll is a long strip of paper or fabric that is decorated with bits and pieces of paper, fabric and findings. A totally creative and awesome way to use all, okay… some, of the abundance of snips and bits of paper and fabric scraps in our arsenal of supplies. Not to mention all the tiny ribbons, lace, buttons, embellishments and ephemera… STUFF we don’t want to part with! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that our scrap packs curated by Terry Quinn are our number one best seller! And although Snippet Rolls have been around for quite a few years they were mostly done in Fabric.  We are going to do ours in paper and add bits of fabric and other goodies.  There are tons of ways to use them.  Once you make the roll as long as you want, you then can cut little snips to use in your journal, on cards, as a belly band on a book, jewelry etc.  The possibilities are endless.

Come join us for a few hours of fun and conversation and build, create, and design your very own Snippet Roll.

Included in the class is a roll of register paper to use as your base and we will provide and share lots of vintage papers and fabrics.  We have designed a wooden spool that will enhance and display your snippet roll.

Students should bring:

Scissors, detail or small scissors are best,

Glue stick and double-sided tape.

All other materials will be provided.

Optional:  Bring some of your own “Scrap Stash” to share.  Tiny buttons, Lace and ribbon.


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