“Winter Renaissance” Art Show

February feels like the lowest depth of winter: gloomy, cold, and colorless, while spring seems forever away. Yet February can also be truly beautiful, with days of deep blue skies, rich green conifers casting violet shadows on sun-sparkled snow, and rust-colored grasses adding a warm counterpoint. Those brilliant February days make us feel alive and joyful, aware of the beauty to be found in even the starkest environment.

The three of us featured in this “Winter Renaissance” show at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery— Chris Guercio, Deborah Maklowski, and Loreen Western—hope that our collected artwork will remind all who see it that February, in fact, holds great promise. Beneath the ice and snow, the earth is even now preparing for the rebirth of spring, while in the Gallery, we have gathered for you those cornflower blues, shadow violets, and brilliant whites of winter, and mingled them together with the soft peaches, pinks and greens of spring and the rich yellows and reds of a warm summer’s day. And it all starts with February.

Opening reception is Sunday, February 6, from 1-4:00. The show runs through March 6.


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