“Julie Tries” Candles by Candy

This week we filmed another “Julie Tries” with Candles by Candy. The shop is relatively new here at Savage Mill, and already enjoying a strong base of happy, returning customers. We talked with Candy to learn a little more about her story.


What got you into candle making?

My love for candles. I’m a candle lover!!! I picked up candle making as a hobby during the pandemic 3 years ago.


What is the hardest part of the candle-making process?

Finding the right scent blend.


Which is your favorite scent to make?

My favorite scent to make is Stressless, the lavender scent is so relaxing.


What is one thing that someone should know before coming into Candles by Candy?

When you come to Candles by Candy, it’s a VIBE. Just know you will enjoy your Candle experience. Always good vibes and a great place to unwind.


What does Candles by Candy’s future have in store?

We would love to expand and open other stores with candle making. We also plan on adding more products, not just candles.

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