A Look Inside Enchanted Studios

Maddy with Enchanted Studios transformed Julie’s nails during a recent Julie Tries take. We were intrigued by Maddy and her salon, so talked with her to learn more.


What got you into doing nails?

I had been doing hair for almost 5 years and wasn’t happy, so I started looking for more opportunities. I have been getting my nails done since I was 12 with my Mom, and it was my favorite experience growing up. I ended up apprenticing for nails and two years later, here we are!


Why did you choose Savage Mill?

Savage Mill is so authentic and welcoming, and I really wanted my clients to have a good experience from start to finish. Keeping an open space with good energy is what I strive for!


What other services do you offer?

I personally offer nail services, lash extensions and tooth gems. I have two other incredibly talented girls who work with me as well. Sosun creates the most beautiful, personalized lash extensions sets for her clients every time. Montana is a true artist when it comes to nails and she also does tooth gems.


And what’s next for Enchanted Studios?

I am always looking for new ways to grow and expand in all outlets so look out for new locations in the future!


Enchanted Studios is a salon that offers services in nails, lash extensions and brow care. They are located in the Spinning Building. Contact them to make an appointment today!

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