Savage Mill’s Ghosts Come to Life

For over 125 years, Savage Mill was a bustling factory transforming cotton into bolts of cloth. Generations of families worked here, men, women, and children toiling long hours in often-unsafe working conditions. Friendships and love stories blossomed here, but so did misunderstandings and animosities. Sweltering in buildings filled with cotton dust, accidents among the workers were commonplace – and sometimes fatal.

Savage Mill’s tenants have numerous stories about the spirits and specters that still linger here decades after the mill ceased operations. We shared many of them in two blog posts, Spirits of Savage Mill: Part 1 and Spirits of Savage Mill: Part 2.

We’re now working with the trained storytellers of Maryland History Tours to present a fall slate of Friday and Saturday evening Haunted Savage Mill Ghost Tours. Join us to hear about the Mill’s haunted history and the restless spirits that continue to roam the halls to this very day. Learn about working conditions during 19th century Savage, how they tie to the ghostly encounters today, and the cheeky little girl who loves tripping the living!

Tickets can be purchased online. Meet your guide by the Big Chair at the courtyard entrance of the Mill and experience Savage Mill in a new light.

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