Stay Awhile at Savage Mill

The amazing weather we’ve been having is prompting people to head outdoors to enjoy the gentle breezes and soak up some sunshine. Savage Mill has lots of places to catch a few rays, people watch, and soak up the unique atmosphere. Check out our 5 favorite spots.


Spot 5: The Grey Bench

A new addition to Savage Mill’s exterior improvements, this bench comes to us courtesy of Upcycled. The Howard County-based start-up collects, shreds and melts plastic. It’s then poured into molds to form plastic beams that are used for handy items like benches, garden beds, and picnic tables. Tucked into a small alcove near the Big Lot entrance to the New Weave building, our main retail space, this bench is a welcome place to wait on a friend or rest before or after a trip on Terrapin Adventure‘s giant swing.


Spot 4: The Patio

Conveniently located to the right of the Little Lot entrance, this wide, level area is home to several tables. They can be moved into the shade or sun as desired, and their location is conducive to keeping tabs on all the goings-on around the Mill.


Spot 3: The Grassy Hillside

Adjacent to our Little Lot, this idyllic spot is pleasantly shaded by mature trees in the warmer months. This is a great location for panoramic views of the Mill’s complex of buildings. A wooden bench at the top of the hill provides an ideal spot to while away an afternoon, while our new “stump table”, a clever repurposing of a tree stump, provides a fun spot to gather with friends. And what’s not to love about a space to spread a blanket and take a nap or have a picnic?


Spot 2: The Courtyard

Walking through the arched entrance into the courtyard is an inspiring experience. The old brick walls that surround you have witnessed two centuries of events both mundane and extraordinary. Just inside the archway, the giant chair is a fun photo op.

Further down the sidewalk, the courtyard opens up to seating for the adjacent Roggenart European Bakery Bistro and Cafe. The romantic string lights overhead and classy umbrellas lend an elegant, cosmopolitan flair.

This is a fun place to come with a friend or two for quiet conversation over lunch or an afternoon coffee with croissant.


Spot 1: Dive Bar’s Outdoor Deck

Many people’s favorite outdoor destination is Dive Bar and Grille‘s deck overlooking the scenic Little Patuxent River as it wends its way south towards the Chesapeake Bay. What better way to spend the evening than with a drink in hand, enjoying dinner and good conversation? The adjacent ruins once housed the powerful turbines that generated power from the water’s energy and used it to power the Mill’s operations. As evening descends in the summer months, clouds of chimney swifts begin their ritual of circling the tall chimney nearby before dropping in for the night. We’re happy to provide a home for this species which has struggled due to habitat loss.

We trust you too feel at home here in the nooks and crannies of Savage Mill. Whether you’re visiting on your own or with a friend or group of friends, the Mill has plenty of places you can settle in to enjoy all life has to offer.

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